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Getting technical

The Moment spoke to Everald Burke, a one-time welder and engineer approaching retirement, who saw the opportunity for a new lease of life working at Peterborough College passing on a lifetime of practical skills to students.

How did you become aware of Teach your Trade?
Well, I heard the adverts on local radio, then I went to one of the open evenings, met with two of the staff and discussed it – and it went on from there.

What job had you been doing previously, and what prompted the change?
I’ve had a long career in welding and engineering. I’m at retirement age but I still want some means of income, and with this I can do the practical area of the learning process with the students, as well as keeping the machinery running properly and managing health and safety.

How are you finding contact with the students?
I find it quite gratifying, actually, assisting and passing on my abilities to the students. It’s good to watch those I’ve helped going on and passing their tests. I get to interact with other members of staff, as well, because I’m also there as an Assistant Technician.

Are you pleased you’ve made the leap?
Yeah, I am pleased! I believe it’s a good initiative – there’s support there, you get to do all the necessary training, and prove you have the competence and skills to succeed.

To find out how you could make a fresh start
in a new career teaching your trade, email , or – or call Kim on 07960 621923.

Teach Your Trade – FAQs

Who will I be working with?
The Teach your Trade recruitment initiative is being promoted by Inspire Education Group (IEG) to attract industry experts and skilled professionals into the world of FE Teaching. IEG encompasses Peterborough College, Stamford College and University Centre Peterborough. Both Peterborough College and Stamford College have been on an innovative and creative recruitment drive to attract new teaching staff to their vocational FE courses. You can find out more about us at

I’m not sure getting involved in education is for me – I’m more of a practical, hands-on person.
IEG is dedicated to providing support, learning and training opportunities for industry professionals who want to share their experience and expertise with the next generation by delivering technical/ vocational skills within practical learning opportunities.

How has learning and delivering knowledge changed through the pandemic?
With all teaching switching to online during the lockdowns, digital skills and online delivery became a necessity and a way of life for both students and staff. Delivering learning underpinned by technology enabled teachers/tutors to continue with their courses and programmes to ensure continuity of learning, achievement, and progress for the students. The emergence of technologies within lesson delivery gives us choices for the future including blended/ hybrid learning models.

What is your OFSTED Rating?
Following a monitoring visit in September 2021, Inspire Education Group has been praised by Ofsted inspectors for driving “significant progress” in all areas, including maintaining high-quality education and training during the pandemic, establishing an ambitious curriculum to meet the education and training needs of the students, apprentices, and college stakeholders.

Where can I find out more?
Visit,, or for more details. To find out more about Teach your Trade, call Kim Cooke on 07960 621 923.

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