“Darling, it’s fabulous, where did you find it? It’s so informative, so entertaining! And those juicy tit-bits about Peterborough’s finest boutiques and salons really take years off you! I’m so jealous!”
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Melanie Richards Hair & Beauty

Great Lengths

Great Lengths hair extensions can be used for lots of different reasons. Some clients want extra length others want...

Walter & Herbert

Walter & Herbert

The classic British eyewear brand, now appearing at J Neville Opticians.

Peters’ Tips!

Cleaning clothes

Peters’ Cleaners has been providing garment cleaning services in Peterborough and Stamford for nearly 60 years. With its two...

Feel as good as you look…

Melanie Richard’s Hair & Beauty Salon is celebrating the first year anniversary of our beauty salon opening in November

The Market Cobbler, Peterborough

The Market Cobbler offers years of experience key cutting, engraving, and mending the shoes and leatherwear of Peterborough residents...

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