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Mostly grey, with long dry spells. Does this describe your current business publication?

All too often, business magazines project an image of business that is, frankly, rather dull. But because, like you, we run a successful business – and deal with dozens of others in the local community (and beyond) on a daily basis – we know it is anything but. It is dynamic, inspiring, even exhilarating at times – often beset by obstacles and challenges, but also presenting exciting and sometimes unexpected opportunities. It’s our mission to tell this story – and to help you tell yours. With The Moment magazine – our highly praised ‘what’s on’ and lifestyle bi-monthly – we set out to reflect the truly vibrant nature of Peterborough and the region with a publication that was produced to the standard of a national, but completely free. Put simply, we thought the region was worth it. Readers and advertisers seem to agree. One commented: “This is the real Peterborough…”

Now we’re doing the same for the business community, with free, high-quality bi-monthly business content that puts some of the colour back into business. It’ll give you all the news, facts and figures you expect, but we’ll also talk to the people behind them, find out what makes them tick and reveal the secrets of their success.

If that sounds like your idea of good business, give us a call.

Mark Wilson, Publisher

M: 07773 772864

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