University Centre Peterborough launches pioneering Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) to boost local employability

University Centre Peterborough

University Centre Peterborough (UCP) is thrilled to announce it has been awarded approval to introduce the cutting-edge Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) programme.

Presenting an exciting opportunity for local students, HTQs can not only support quicker career progression and promotion within chosen industries, but also have the potential to lead to earnings surpassing those associated with traditional degrees. A recent report cited by the Institute for Fiscal Studies highlights that achieving HTQ Level 4 and Level 5 qualifications could potentially lead to earnings higher than the average earnings associated with a degree.

Designed to provide practical skills in high-demand sectors, this qualification is set to transform education and employment opportunities for both local students and employers.

HTQs are specialised, industry-focused qualifications equivalent to the first two years of a degree course (Level 4 and 5). Designed in collaboration with industry experts, these qualifications align with current industry trends and needs, ensuring that students acquire the practical skills and knowledge required to progress in specific professions. Approved against occupational standards in their sector, HTQs provide students with a head start in their careers.

University Centre PeterboroughLiz Knight, Academic Director for UCP, is excited about the opportunities HTQs will provide local employers and students, saying, “HTQs cater to a diverse audience. As they are crafted in collaboration with industry experts and designed for a shorter time-frame than traditional degree programmes, their ability to teach targeted, in-demand skills has the potential to reduce the training burden within rapidly evolving industries, which will be highly valued by fast-growing employers.”

Suitable for those leaving school and ready to enter the workforce, career changers pivoting to a new industry, or professionals looking to stay competitive or advance in their careers, HTQs’ versatility caters for all as they offer a streamlined approach to gaining relevant, practical expertise.

University Centre PeterboroughComplementing UCPs recent Silver accreditation by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), for high quality of teaching and student experience, the introduction of HTQs are yet another example of how UCP (the city’s 15-year- longstanding university) is committed to providing high quality education that translates into meaningful careers.

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