The Barefoot family

Established in Oakham in 2012 by Lisa Gray and Mark Tilson, the award winning Barefoot Flooring continues to grow...

Fane Clinic: step up

The Fane Clinic Ltd has offered Foot Care, the provision of prescription orthotics, and the treatment and management of...

Start with you

Show yourself some love, says therapist and life coach Susie Munns

Lead a calmer life

Eavesdropping on a conversation changed my life!” says Lesley Edwards...

Crafting Live

Crafting Live is the award-winning crafting show by Stephanie Weightman, and it’s returning to Peterborough for another jam-packed weekend...

Festival of Antiques at Peterborough

International Antiques & Collectors Fairs are very pleased to announce the acquisition of the Festival of Antiques at Peterborough

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