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Summer means holidays and holidays mean long journeys. But is your car ready for it? Often ignored throughout the year, there’s a chance it might require one or two small jobs before it’s ready to be pressed into service. Elite Autowork’s new Technician, Paul Collins, gives us five tips on what to look for.

1. Coolant. For the engine’s cooling system to work as efficiently as possible the coolant needs to be at the maximum level. Anything other than that and you could risk of the chance of it overheating especially stuck in traffic.

2. Tyre pressures. As the only part of the car that actually touches the ground, it’s vital you look after the tyres. The wrong pressures will result in poor handing, reduced economy and uneven tyre wear.

3. Air conditioning. Check the air conditioning works and cools the interior as it should. If it doesn’t work the gas might need to be refilled which most garages can do for a small charge.

4. Engine oil. As the lifeblood of your engine it’s essential the oil is regularly checked to make sure it’s at the correct level. On really long, continental journeys it’s never a bad idea to carry a litre of oil with you.

5. Screen wash. Ensure the screen washer bottle is full, preferably with screen wash since this will cut through road grime and dead bugs easier than just water alone.

If you’re unsure whether your car is ready for a long haul, Elite Autoworks is happy to check your car over before any long journey.

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