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The Great Indoors

Cold, dark and dreary outside? Then maybe it's time to try your hand at indoor gardening. Benedict Vanheems takes...

Late autumn checklist

The Moment magazine online's handy guide to must-do garden tasks this autumn

How To Plant Bulbs

Here is our incredibly easy guide to planting bulbs

Last-Chance For Bulbs

Bulbs of spring flowerers such as daffodils and tulips have been in garden centres since late summer. The earlier...

Taking Root Cuttings Of Mint

Here is a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to take the root cutting of mint

Enjoy herbs over winter

Just because the nights are drawing in and the garden is heading towards its annual hibernation doesn’t mean you...

Perennial Passion

Cultivate a passion for long-lived perennial plants this autumn. We explain the joys to be had from this hard-...

Four Handy Storage Helpers

Try these helpful hands and store more of your home-grown fruits and vegetables with ease

Spuds In Sacks

Maincrop potatoes form the mainstay of the winter larder. Kept in cool, dark, frost-free conditions the longest-storing varieties will...

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