Discover that festive feeling!

Christmas and the turn of the year is a time for warm and wonderful get-togethers with family and friends. The Christmas tree may be the star of the show, but beautiful flowers will make the picture complete, creating the perfect setting for enjoying each other’s company...

Want to do something a little different this year? Then why not add some seasonal sparkle to your dining table? This would make the ideal spot for a festive floral display using flowers and bulbs in pots, dressing up the table like nothing else.

Tulips, probably from Amsterdam…

You could use red or white tulips to indicate your seating arrangement by making individual posies, each with a pretty ribbon and a name or menu card. A vase filled with flowers and Christmas tree ornaments makes the table as pretty as can be, while a casual arrangement of various flowers, ornaments and berry- covered stems is elegant, simple and certainly special!

As well as seasonal favourite the poinsettia, the amaryllis (botanical name Hippeastrum) is a flower bulb that’s ideal for winter, as you can watch grow and bloom indoors. The simply enormous flowers produced by these bulbs, which have been widely available for the past few weeks, make any home warm and inviting. Adding decorative materials such as ribbon or Christmas tree ornaments turns your amaryllis into a floral focus. As cut flowers, they also make the perfect bouquet.

Of course, the amaryllis isn’t the only flower perfect for creating that festive feeling. What about stately hyacinths or white cyclamens? Choose them in colours that match your home accessories and Christmas decorations to really reinforce their visual effect. The result is sure to impress.

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