How to make: raspberry gin

Like it or not, the colder months are on their way! Now is the time to brew up a deliciously comforting nip or two of flavored spirits for winter, with sloe or blackberry obvious favourites. But if you're city-bound and can't get out to forage, this raspberry alternative is just as tasty – if not tastier!

Makes one medium-sized bottle


1 orange

150g raspberries

125g caster sugar

500ml gin

Although we have made this with gin, it works perfectly well with vodka, too.


1. Using a vegetable peeler, carefully peel the rind of the orange, trying not to get too much white pith.

2. Feed a couple of pieces into the bottle, followed by a third of the raspberries.

3. Repeat with the remaining orange rind and raspberries.

4. Using a jug, pour the sugar into the bottle followed by the gin.

5. Seal the top well as you don’t want it to leak when you turn it up-side-down.

6. Do not shake the bottle, but gently turn it up-side-down then back again, to agitate the sugar and help it dissolve – it will not all dissolve at this point.

7. Leave the bottle out of direct sunlight somewhere cool.

8. Each day for the next 7 days turn the bottle over and back to dissolve any remaining sugar and then agitate the fruit to bring out the flavours.

9. If you are giving the gin soon you can leave the fruit inside, but if you leave it for too long the fruit will lose its colour, so it may be better to strain it.

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