Free Time

It’s a busy world, and your free time is precious. Don’t waste a single moment not knowing what to do or when to do it: The Moment Free time guide contains news and features on the best arts and entertainment available in Peterborough and the region.

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra are regulars at the Key Theatre Peterborough, and in 2019 are coming into town celebrating...

Forbidden Nights

Fantasies don’t come any better than this with sizzling new acts and stunning routines. Brace yourself for two hours...

Tommy – the album, live!

Fans of The Who won’t want to miss this performance of the classic album Tommy, at the Key Theatre,...

Snow White

Classical ballet takes centre stage on Thursday 17 October, when the highly acclaimed Vienna Festival Ballet brings the beautiful...

Talon – the best of the Eagles

Talon have risen from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful theatre touring shows in the UK

Rock Choir comes to Peterborough

This September, Mike Tandy will be bringing the UK’s favourite contemporary choir, Rock Choir to Peterborough!

The Affair

The Key Theatre, 1 Oct 7.30pm

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