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Store Up A Treat

Capture some of summer’s bounty and spread your seasonal abundance into the winter months. We explain just how easy...

10 Easy-To-Sow Annuals

Many annuals can be grown from seed. All of the following are especially easy to grow as they can...

Escape to the Med

Well Almost! Olive Grove Nurseries, near Oundle, offer visitors a taste of warmer climates

Top of the toms

Many of you will be looking to coax a couple of tomato plants into fruit this summer. Whether bought...

Summer Stunners

Brighten up your summer garden with an abundance of annuals. Read through their progress, from seed to floriferous profusion

10 Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought-tolerant plants don’t mean threadbare specimens! Once fully established these hardy perennials shouldn’t need any further watering

Efficient Watering

Here's some ideas on how to efficiently water your garden

No Ifs… get a Butt!

You don’t have to fork out on a purpose-manufactured water butt to collect valuable rainwater. Any container of a...

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