How To Prick Out Seedlings

How to prick out seedlings in four easy steps

1. Seedlings growing in pots or seed trays will need prompt pricking out to avoid them becoming overcrowded and drawn. Prick the seedlings out into individual pots or modules of peat-free multipurpose compost

2. Very carefully lift out seedlings from their nursery tray using a pencil or dibber and separate them out. Always hold seedlings by their leaves, never the delicate stem or roots. Prepare just a few seedlings at a time

3.Use your dibber to make a hole in each module or pot. Make sure each hole is wide and deep enough to easily accommodate the seedling’s roots so that they don’t bend back on themselves or become squashed

4. Firm around the roots of each seedling. Work methodically through each tray of modules so that no seedlings are left to dry out. Once the seedlings have been transplanted give them a water and label as appropriate

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