Efficient Watering

Here's some ideas on how to efficiently water your garden

Watering spike: Screw on this special watering spike onto an old drinks bottle. It dispenses water slowly, drip by drip, to thoroughly wet the compost.
Pic Credit: Harrod Horticultural

Micro irrigation: Micro irrigation kits such as those from watering specialist Hozelock can be fitted to a timer. These are ideal for a collection of patio pots.

Leaky hose: Leaky hoses are porous pipes that deliver water right where it’s needed – at the roots. Cover the rubber pipe with a mulch to lock in the moisture.

Watering can: The old-fashioned way of watering! Pour the water so that it hits the ground by the base of the plant, rather than splashing the leaves.

Water butt pump: Deliver the water from your butt using a hose connected to a water butt pump. This will boost the water pressure to mains-equivalent.

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