In the March garden

Get weeding

As spring pokes its head over the horizon so too will the weeds. Keep on top of them by grubbing them out as they appear. Don’t let them set seed or you’ll compound the problem.

Tend to lawns

Grass will start growing again this month, if it hasn’t already done so. Give lawns a going over with a wire rake to remove moss and debris. This will also lift the grass ready for the first cut of the season – set blades high for the first cut to avoid scalping the lawn.

Start composting

Composting kitchen and garden waste is an excellent way of helping the environment, saving money on bought-in organic matter and dealing with waste. Start a compost bin off and make your own nutrient-rich compost for general garden use.

Sow vegetables

Many tender fruiting vegetables, such as tomatoes and aubergines, can be sown indoors now. Sow seeds individually into modules of compost and keep them warm as they germinate.

Prune roses

Cut away all dead, diseased and damaged wood from roses as you prune them. Use sharp secateurs for the job and apply a top-dressing of garden compost afterwards.

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