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Foster and make a difference to the life of a rescue pet

A passion for pets, willingness to learn and giving time to help Wood Green’s work best describes why fostering volunteers are the lifeblood of this charitable organisation. They play a vital role in the day-to-day support for the pets in their care. Fostering is a great way to give rescue pets some extra love and respite while they are waiting for their forever home.

The staff at Wood Green, The Animals Charity are committed to give rescue pets in their care the best attention and environment – but many feel much happier in a loving home.

Wood Green is currently looking for foster placements for their dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. The reasons these pets need fostering are usually stress related, though they sometimes also foster pets for medical reasons. They also look for midwife foster carers for pregnant cats and dogs.

The care and attention you can offer a foster pet will be so important to them. You will get the satisfaction of spending loving time with a pet, without the long-term commitment, whilst Wood Green provides all the necessary equipment and supplies.

As a fosterer, you can provide safe homes for dogs, cats and smalls pets in need of TLC, to help them recover from medical interventions such as an operation, or from a stressful environment. You can help pets that may not have had the best start in life to find new homes while providing a caring and nurturing environment.

Although every pet has slightly different needs, the charity is looking for someone with a space in their home – whether a room, garden or a quiet area – and in their heart to make a difference to their lives. If you can offer some of your free time to provide loving care and presence, to update the centre carers and to bring the pet in for vet checks when needed, then they would like to hear from you.

You will need a love and passion for pets and their wellbeing, to live within 40 minutes of the centre and have the ability to transport the foster pet to and from the charity when needed

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