Sundays at Peterborough Cathedral

Sunday’s restaurant, formerly in Cumbergate, became a huge local hit thanks to its superb roasts, mouthwatering breakfasts and the commitment of proprietor David Beever to great, locally sourced ingredients

Now it’s back, and in a truly amazing setting – the 12th century Becket Chapel overlooking Peterborough Cathedral. ‘It feels like such a good fit with the ethos of the business,’ says David. ‘Kind of Sundays 2.0 really!’

Certainly a lot of people are glad to have it back. ‘We really have been feeling the love being back in the city, with lots of returning regulars. It’s already getting quite busy on Sundays! We still have a no reservation policy – but we’re as quick and efficient as ever with our serving so you shouldn’t have to wait long.’

It’s the simplicity and honesty of the menu that created such a dedicated following, built on an ethos of excellent ingredients simply but beautifully cooked. ‘All the veg is grown within 30 miles of us, the meat is sourced from Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, and the eggs come from exactly 24 miles away. I made a note of that the other day when I drove from there…’

The Lincolnshire sausages are also awardwinning – but David corrects me when I refer to the breakfast as a ‘fry up’. ‘Most of it is grilled, so it’s actually a pretty healthy breakfast!’ Sunday’s also have beer from Oakham Ales, and a range of wines supplied by Bellwether Wines, both based in Peterborough.

In essence, it’s the Sundays everyone knows and loves, but with a whole new dimension thanks to the amazing location. ‘We have a couple of rooms, and because of the magnificent view of the Cathedral front – perhaps the finest view in the city – we now have a dedicated tearoom. Our coffee is called Cathedral Blend – a great cup of coffee – and we’ll have various speciality teas and cakes as well.’ Sundays are also looking at doing their famed barbecue nights as a monthly event, are available for private hire as well as offering the space in the evenings for smaller parties.

‘It’s a really wonderful space,’ says David. ‘It really is beautiful in there.’

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