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Morris Water Softeners is a familyrun business based in Northorpe, near Bourne. The company has been going for more than 30 years and is now one of the country’s leading suppliers. Morris Water Softeners pride themselves on the personal service offered to their customers. They can supply all types of water softener and other related drinking water products. They also supply and deliver all the salt you’ll need.

The downsides of hard water
Recent research has revealed the link between hard water and skin conditions like eczema. Scientists at the University of Sheffield and King’s College London have proved that hard water damages the skin, raising the risk of infection and potentially contributing to the development of eczema. The study proves what we’ve known for years; when it comes to skin conditions, softened water can in most cases make all the difference.

Minerals in hard water – the same culprits behind limescale – were shown to make skin more sensitive to irritation, but when researchers used softened water, they found it could reduce these negative effects. It could even lower the risk of eczema developing in the first place. For people living with skin conditions, this research could be a gamechanger, especially when one in five children is affected by eczema. With hard water you have to use more product to get a good lather, which can also aggravate and irritate the skin. As well as being abrasive, hard water doesn’t necessarily wash the entire residue off. This residue if left on the skin which can worsen dry skin conditions. The NHS website lists ‘water – especially hard, chalky water or heavy chlorinated water’ as a common irritant of contact dermatitis.

How does a water softener work?
In brief, water softeners are designed to remove calcium (scale) and magnesium (scum) from hard water. They are installed at the point the water supply enters the premises and treat the whole house, therefore resulting in: reducing the cost of your soap/ detergent, removing existing limescale, preventing the build-up of limescale in your hot water system as well as around your taps, and reducing your fuel costs and heating system costs. Let Morris Water Softeners make your home sparkly, your cuppa tastier, your skin silkier, clothes softer and your appliances last longer – and all the while saving you money along the way!  

The 9 water softener wonders Bigger bubble baths Cheaper bills Fewer products Perfect cups of tea Glossier hair Longer-lasting appliances Shinier home Softer skin Better for the environment  

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