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Move away from anxious feelings arising from the worry of Coronavirus by adopting a new and positive routine, says Susie Munns of Safe Haven Therapy & Coaching

The simple equation V + A = K is one that makes us feel. We need visual (V) and auditory (A) stimulation to evoke a kinesthetic (K) response. Put simply we create how we feel physically and emotionally largely through our thoughts and inner-talk. What pictures are you painting with your mind’s eye? What dialogue do you have running on a loop in your mind? The first step to moving away from bad feelings is to notice what thoughts are making you feel bad. There are so many different ways to help ease stress and anxiety; ultimately they all serve the same purpose, to distract you from the thoughts and inner-talk making you feel stressed and anxious. I am an advocate of anything that supports relaxation and creates calm. However, I do believe that to find true peace you should first acknowledge the negative feelings and shift them, otherwise they will just keep coming back.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also knows as Tapping) and Havening are both great therapies for shifting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in an anxious state. EFT works by tapping on the meridian points around the body along with talk therapy. Havening is a psychosensory therapy and there are three Havening points: face, arms and palms of the hands. I recommend you make a list of past, present and future events that make you feel anxious then shift them one by one. Ticking them off the list as you do is very satisfying. I am a believer in developing new daily habits to keep you away from stress and anxiety, rather than waiting for it to rear its ugly head. I think that self-care is key to raising your energy vibrations and attracting good things. When better to introduce new practices into your daily routine than now?

They will help strengthen your emotional landscape, recalibrate your nervous system and prime you to look for and attract greatness. Start by moving something in your home to signify change. Put out a new candle or move a picture – it doesn’t have to be huge, just something that will remind you that you are ready to move away from feeling stressed and anxious. Start your day with one minute of Hopeful Havening, every hour throughout the day take three 7/11 breaths.

Finally, end your day practicing gratitude. If you do not have a routine at the moment, use these exercises to start one. We humans like to have a purpose and routine can help us feel purposeful and boost motivation. If you are struggling to fill your time, use it to do that one thing you’ve never had the time to do. Take the course, read the book – better still, write the book! There are some very reasonably priced online courses out there if you want to learn a new skill. Use this time to be still and enjoy the present. Imagine yourself emerging from this stronger and healthier. Like all situations, this is temporary and will pass. Stay safe.

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