Top 10 Windowsill Winners

Top 10 Windowsill Winners 1 2

Here is our pick on what should be growing on your windowsill

Radish ‘Sangria’:
Not the usual red-rooted radish, but a variety specifically for growing as micro leaves with deep-pink stems and an iresistible pungent taste. Use them to add colour to salads. Look out also for the red-leaved variety ‘Sango’.

Cos lettuce:
The perfect way to use up any lettuce seeds. Pair these mild-tasting leaves up with more fiery alternatives. You could also try growing one of the cut- and-come-again salad leaf mixes, allowing the leaves to grow on to a larger size.

Pea shoots:
Eaten young or left to grow on to develop their tendrils, pea shoots are the last word in freshness and crunch. The shoots really do taste like the sweetest of peas. For best results grow your pea shoots in shallow trays of compost.

This handy cropper can be grown either as a micro green or for sprouts. The shoots have the unmistakable taste of curry, making this an unusual way of pepping up your salads. It also has a good crunch and not-too- overpowering peppery tang.

Mung beans:
The classic bean sprout. To enjoy those thick stems try positioning a weight (eg a water-filled bag) on top of your beans as they germinate and grow. The sprouts will need to bulk out to push up and out, giving the thicker stems desired.

Top 10 Windowsill Winners 1 2

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