Summer checklist

Bedding plants, annuals, perennials and roses will be in full bloom by now. To keep the blooms coming it’s essential that old, spent flowers are removed. This stops them setting seed, encouraging replacement flowers to follow.

Pick regularly
Vegetables such as courgette and beans will have reached breakneck cropping speed. Like ornamental blooms, if you want to encourage more fruits and pots then it’s necessary to keep picking. Younger courgettes and beans tend to be more tender, so pick them while they’re still small.

Pond life
Warm weather often sees algal blooms and growth of blanket weed in ponds. Clear this and other debris regularly to prevent ponds from getting clogged up. Leave freshly cleared material by the side of the pond for 24 hours though – this gives time for any entwined pond critters to escape back to the water. Place all organic matter on the compost heap.

Enjoy the garden
It may sound obvious, but do make sure you take some time out to soak up the atmosphere and colour of your garden over the summer. Perhaps leafing through catalogues for next year’s spring-flowering bulbs as you enjoy a well-earned cuppa!

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