No Ifs… get a Butt!

You don’t have to fork out on a purpose-manufactured water butt to collect valuable rainwater. Any container of a decent volume can be converted to a butt, though you will need to fit a tap to the base to drain off the water into your watering can or hose

Barrels of joy: Old barrels are practical and look handsome in a garden setting. Try for a selection of recycled beer barrels with optional brass tap.
Pic Credit Travels with Dog

In the can: Large, open-ended vats are cheap and easy to source from reclamation yards or recycling websites. If algae or flies become a problem, simply cover the open end with fine-gauge shade netting.

Slimline fit: Not all water butts are wide. This slimline version hugs the wall to take up much less room, making it easier to disguise with trellis and climbing plants.

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