HD DRIVE lenses at J Neville Opticians

If you are bothered by glare from car headlights when driving, the good news is that there are now advances in lens design and coatings to combat the challenges of both night and daytime driving

HD DRIVE lenses have a newly developed special lens coating which significantly reduces irritating glare and reflections from oncoming traffic, wet road surfaces and specifically modern xenon and LED headlights. They make your vision feel as relaxed as possible when driving at night.

• The lenses also have a different substrate which enhances visual comfort day and night so the lenses are ideal for road and everyday use.
• They give improved contrast and less strain on your eyes.
• They are better by design, with a bias towards distance and dashboard tasks that makes them the ideal, all-round solution for driving both night and day – at little extra cost.

If you would like to maximise your vision when driving and minimise visual stress then these are the lenses that will do that for you! You can check out HD DRIVE lenses at J Neville Opticians today.

About J Neville Opticians Owned and run by Jan Neville, J. Neville is now an established Peterborough brand after 20 years in Peterborough city centre and a successful move to Whittlesey in 2005. Integral to that brand is good value for money, fantastic customer relations and a keen eye for the latest trends.

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