Five low-impact exercise classes to get you feeling great!

Low-impact exercise is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy without the joint stresses found in other exercises, such as running. This type of exercise can help you to sustain a healthy weight, improve your cardio-vascular system, your balance and your posture in an enjoyable, social and fun way!

Swimming is a lifelong skill that could save your life. It is an aerobic activity and very low impact. Although it may not increase your bone density as significantly as resistance training, swimming offers the perfect opportunity to improve your cardiovascular system. The Journal of Aging Research suggests endurance exercise is great for increasing your length of life and overall health. Vivacity has four swimming pools across the city and offers a great pool programme for all ages and abilities.

Research from Clinical Rehabilitation suggests Tai Chi can significantly improve your balance and decrease the risk of falls in later life. The International Journal of Behavioural Medicine also suggests participating in Tai Chi can improve your psychological well-being including depression and anxiety whilst helping reduce feelings of stress and improving your general health. Vivacity Premier Fitness offers over 100 classes every week, including Tai Chi and Pilates.

The Korean Society of Nursing Science suggests Nordic Walking is effective in improving upper body strength whilst offering a great total-body workout that burns 48% more calories than normal walking alone. Vivacity’s Walking for Health Scheme offers six Nordic and ten free guided walks around the city, each suitable for different ages and abilities. See more at www.vivacitypeterborough. com/walkingforhealth

Step classes offer a variety of different movements all designed and choreographed to great music. An aerobic step class offers an opportunity to exercise in a similar way to running, with reduced stress on the joints and muscle, It also offers many of the benefits of running, without the impact on your knees and hips. Step into exercise in a fun and social environment with classes available four days a week at Vivacity Premier Fitness.

Yoga is a popular way to improve your flexibility. Research from Harvard Health suggests regular participation in flexibility exercises results in an increased range of motion and functional movements. The Yoga Journal suggests it can significantly improve your bone health, posture, circulation and it can even help to regulate healthy blood pressure levels. Yoga classes are held weekly at Bushfield, Werrington and Hampton Leisure Centres as well as Vivacity Premier Fitness.

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