Hundreds of residents have shared their favourite places and moments in Peterborough as part of a citywide, award winning #1000Moments campaign

The #1000Moments campaign is all about positively celebrating our city through sharing moments, memories, and stories of life in Peterborough. Eighty residents who contributed their moments were professionally photographed and filmed, and the photographs are being posted on the Peterborough Presents Facebook page in the run up to Valentine’s Day 2020. All of the collected memories can be found on the We Love Peterborough website, and include walks along the Nene, football matches at London Road, sledging at Ferry Meadows, being Bretton Festival Princess and the joy of being in a mosh pit.

The #1000Moments project is a collaboration between Peterborough Presents, We Love Peterborough, Jumped Up Theatre, Thomas Byron Photography and Peterborough Regional College. The campaign received a Highly Commended Award at the recent Athene Peterborough Regional PR & Media Awards 2019. Below you can see a selection of the wonderful photographs from people involved in the project, alongside the wide array of memories they have shared. What would your #1000Moments memory be?

Top left: TEDDI, Sphere RHSM: “As vice chair of Peterborough Pride, the proudest moment I have, being involved with creating & sustaining Peterborough Pride. My greatest moment was when I saw these young people who were approaching me & the pride team, as we do this for the next generation.”

Top middle: PARVEEN The Spice Queen, TV Chef: “Having a TV channel in Peterborough. Ideal World Direct, allowing me to be Parveen the Spice Queen. I have travelled all over the UK and Europe as a chef but everything I needed to excel as a TV chef was at my doorstep.”

Top right: KERRY DEVINE, Trapped Animal Records / BBC Cambridgeshire: “Going to Write Club opened my eyes to how cool poetry can be. It’s great to see accessible events in independent venues run by local poets in our city.”

Bottom left: STEVE THORPE, Free Kicks Foundation: “The day that Peterborough United allowed us to have “Free Kicks Day” at a home game at London Road. We raised vital funds & awareness by having our logo on the front of the team shirt for a League One game. As a lifelong Posh fan this was an emotional moment when the team came out on the Pitch wearing the shirts featuring our Charity’s name.”

Bottom middle: SUSAN BROCCOLI, We Love Peterborough: “I was born & bred in Peterborough but I lived in Beautiful Italy for 8 years with “picture postcards” round every corner. Moving back I had a moment; walking along the embankment at sunrise with the swans, the willow tress & the river. It was stunning. This prompted the project We Love Peterborough, to show Peterborough in all its glory & make people fall in love with their home again.”

Bottom right: XIDUS PAIN, Music Practitioner: “I was working in the Phoenix School, students with PMSLD & their response to the hip hop workshop was amazing. We had people who were paralyzed expressing themselves & being apart the group. It built their confidence & brought them together. It showed me that Hip Hop, used wisely, has a powerful impact. Four years later, I bump into them and I find that overwhelming.”

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