Photographs of my city – Toby Wood

Peterborough photographs

This charming – and sometimes surprising – collection of pictures from Peterborough photographer Toby Wood shows the city in a unique and personal light...

Toby Wood’s new book, Photographs Of My City, has a title that’s been very deliberately chosen: these are images of a place captured as only Toby sees it – perhaps even only for that one moment, never to be repeated. It’s a clever and thoughtful way of interpreting views that Peterborians might walk past every day – even think they know well – but the deceptively easy, verite style of the pictures and the quirky subject choices lend fresh insight to the familiar.

Peterborough photographs“I want to show you my Peterborough – the good, the memorable, the mundane, the quirky and the random,” explains Toby. “Consequently this is not a guide book or a glossy publication designed to show off every aspect of the city at its best. It is a book intended to encourage those people living in or visiting Peterborough to look around and take just a little more notice.

“In the book I am trying to demonstrate that most people can take pictures of everyday things in their locality. Think of these photos as cheese and onion crisps, all from the same packet but with each one a different shape yet with a similar taste.”

All the profits from this book will be donated to ‘Helping Our Ukrainian Friends’, a local charity set up and run by people who live in and around Peterborough as well as towns and villages further afield. Over the past few years, money has been raised for food, medical equipment and other essential supplies. This has either been taken to Ukraine from the UK or bought in countries adjoining Ukraine and taken directly into the country. Further information can be found by looking on the ‘Helping Our Ukrainian Friends’ page on Facebook.

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