10 Easy-To-Sow Annuals

Many annuals can be grown from seed. All of the following are especially easy to grow as they can be sown direct where they are to flower

This cloud-like beauty will gently self-seed to offer its display of flowers year after year. The flowers can be cut; the seed heads in particular look cracking. Height: 50cm.
Pic Credit to dichohecho

Pop the fat seeds into the ground and watch this scrambling plant quickly establish. Expect masses of red, orange and yellow flowers, which can be eaten! Height: up to 2m.
Pic credit amandabhslater

Lovely cosmos will carry on flowering well into late summer. The pink flowers sit atop feathery foliage that adds welcome texture to the annual border. Height: 90cm.
Pic Credit to ragnar1984

Sweet Pea
This climber needs no introduction. Sweet peas are available in a wide range of colours and most are highly scented. Plant by a seat where its fragrance can be enjoyed. Height: 2m.
Pic Credit Living in Monrovia

Tobacco Plant
Also known by its Latin name of nicotiana, the tobacco plant bears mini trumpets of lime-green flowers. Their scent comes into its own on a warm summer’s evening. Height: 60cm.
Pic Credit to scottzona

Pot Marigold
Yellows, creams and oranges – bring some sunshine to your borders with this one. The flowers are especially good for attracting bees and hoverflies to the garden. Height: 30cm.
Pic credit to audreyjm529

California Poppy
Pack an ocular punch with these stunners! The poppy-like flowers come in a variety of colours, from orange to red, pink and white. Great when sown within a gravel garden. Height: 30cm.
Pic credit to ClatieK

Opium Poppy
Pure sophistication, this poppy follows its mauve, pink or white flowers with strong, architectural seed capsules that look great in flower arrangements. Height: up to 1.2m.
Pic Credit to Eran Finkle

China Aster
One for the late summer garden, the China rose will even carry on well into autumn. Its mop head-blooms take on a range of pink to white tones.
Height: 50cm.
Pic Credit to Carl E Lewis

Morning Glory
The story behind this climbing annual is its trumpet blooms. Train this beauty up a trellis, pergola or obelisk and make a real impact in the summer garden. Height: up to 3m.
Pic credit to kabils

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