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Want to improve your swimming? Then why not try a swim coaching session. Peterborough’s Triathlon Centre reveals all

More and more swimmers and triathletes are seeing the benefits of receiving regular swim coaching through club sessions and one-to-one lessons. The benefits of having a fully qualified coach looking at your stroke are huge when you consider the gains that can be made through improving technique.

Swimming, unlike most sports is all about technique rather than physical strength and power. Swimming requires you to coordinate a whole range of movement’s and processes, while remaining streamlined and balanced in an environment that is unlike any sport.

Swim coaching can come in many forms, including group lessons at your local leisure centre or pool to swimming and triathlon clubs with one-to-one dedicated coaches for both pool-based and open water skills.

Swim coaching can help any swimmer at any level including beginners who face many challenges in learning to swim. It’s important to become accustomed to the water in a safe environment, learning the basic actions of the stroke, learning how to breathe correctly and very possibly overcoming a fear of the water.

Intermediate swimmers may use swim coaching to improve their swimming because they are a competitive triathlete or want to swim more for fitness. A mix of technique and fitness work brings the best results for competitive swimmers who are looking for that extra edge to take them forward.

One of the new innovations in swim coaching is video analysis that gives a unique above and below the waterline view of a swimmers stroke. The ability to slow motion capture and freeze frame a swimmers stroke has massive benefits in providing affective stroke correction and coaching advice. Using the latest HD video analysis technology helps to identify and evaluate a swimmers technique, and the coach can then use the footage to provide expert coaching to take the swimming to the next level.

The Triathlon Centre in Peterborough, a one-stop-shop dedicated to catering for all three aspects of the triathlon sport, has joined forced with SWIMCAM, one of the UK’s leading companies using the latest video analysis. Using their in-store 19ft Hydropool Swim Spa and the video analysis, customers are able to book a one-to-one session which includes above and below the waterline capture, analysis and feedback with on-hand coaching and drill corrections. Each swimmer can also take away a DVD of their session plus a stroke correction plan developed specifically for them. Customers can also bring along previous footage of their swimming on a memory stick and receive analysis and coaching advice.

At a SWIMCAM surgery in the Triathlon Centre, customers will receive one-to-one expert coaching specifically targeted to individual needs and technique. Instant playback footage is available, above and below the waterline, to fully review and make improvements during the session. And if you’re not swimming like a fish after that, you never will be!

For more information on upcoming Swim Surgery events, please contact:

Christian at SWIMCAM on 07879 990708

The Triathlon Centre on 01733 305130

Additional benefits of using Video Analysis are:

  • Increase sporting performance
  • Improves coaches feedback
  • Improves training motivation
  • No delay in coaching observations
  • Allows the coach to set specific goals
  • Actually see the improvements over time
  • Allows the swimmer to create a mental image like top performers

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