The name ‘Sing-chronicity’ (derived from ‘synchronicity’) gives you a clue as to what this lovely group is all about. ‘Synchronised singing’ or ‘singing in harmony’ is what they do, as a ladies’ four-part harmony chorus.

They have been singing together now for around nine years and are still loving every minute of it. That doesn’t mean it’s been easy, because a lot of hard work is involved. Singing in a chorus rather than a choir is extremely challenging, which is what makes it so much more enjoyable. Rather than the easy option of straight singing with musical accompaniment and reading the words, they do so
much more!

Singing in four parts – bass, baritone, lead, tenor – with no musical accompaniment is a big enough challenge in itself, but throw in a few moves, facial expressions, learning the words by heart and it becomes a true performance. You feel more like an actor on stage trying to convey, through movement, expression and intonation, all the emotion and feeling of the songs to the audience.

There is so much involved and so much to go wrong, which is why all the hard work in striving to accomplish the end result – a top-quality performance that the audience appreciates – is so rewarding. All members enjoy singing and the aim is to share that enjoyment with as many people as possible. As singers, the choice of songs is the primary focus and the group try to choose songs that people can identify with emotionally. The repertoire covers popular songs and songs from musicals, ranging from early songs such as Under the Boardwalk (The Drifters) and Let it Be (The Beatles), songs from musicals such as I Will Follow Him (Sister Act) and I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables), right up to more recent songs such as The Climb (Miley Cyrus) and All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor).

A main asset is the group’s musical director, because he is the one who keeps everyone in sync! He works very hard with the ladies and when they are performing all eyes are on him to guide them through the song at every level.

Throughout the year they sing at various functions – charity events, weddings, parties, local
festivals, local group meetings, care homes, etc. Recently, they have put on their own shows and also taken part in the Peterborough and Oundle Music Competitions, where they have won twice in their category!

As a group of around 30, the ladies have a lot of fun, both at rehearsals and socially, and
welcome any other singers out there who might be looking for a different kind of singing

The group meet on a Tuesday, 7.30–10pm at Napier Place Community Centre, Orton Wistow PE2 6XN. Check out for further details, or contact Jude Valentine by email () or telephone, 01733 346502.

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