Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling – helping those most in need

Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling (CCC) is helping the community and businesses through the pandemic by providing accessible counselling support. We spoke to CCC to find out more about their charitable aims and how they’ve worked to provide counselling to those in need during this time

For over 40 years CCC has successfully provided essential counselling support to the communities and businesses of Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and beyond. The charity provides professional counselling to individuals in the community, organisations and other charities too. CCC offer their services at a reduced rate to those on lower incomes, meeting their aim of ensuring that everyone who needs counselling support can access it. This year has been incredibly challenging and there has been an increased need for mental health assistance. CCC are working to ensure that this need is met as soon as possible, with wait times almost 16 times shorter than NHS referrals. In the last 12 months, CCC delivered 5,382 counselling sessions to both corporate clients and individuals.

Behind their counselling services is their strong membership of counsellors. The members enjoy the benefits of training, referrals, advice and being part of a community of counsellors. As the recent situation demanded, counsellors switched effectively to virtual sessions but are beginning to open back up to faceto- face meetings for those that would benefit the most from in-person sessions.

In September, the charity was awarded funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery. The funding of nearly £70,000 will allow them to provide counselling to 70 people, as well as ensure that their positive support work within the community can continue. CCC work alongside fellow charities such as Little Miracles and the Light Project. With services across diverse sectors and communities, they seek to support everyone in need of counselling. We spoke to Judie Jones, Director of CCC, who shared her thoughts on the last year: “It’s been a really difficult year for everyone, whether you’re a charity like CCC, a large business or an individual facing a challenging time. As such, it’s been fantastic to see how our counsellors and the charity more widely have adapted during the pandemic and continued to help people through it.

“It is a fantastic achievement to be awarded funding from the government to continue our support during the crisis. This funding will allow us to support a further 70 people and continue the hard work that our counsellors and trustees have always demonstrated.”

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If you feel that you could benefit from counselling or would like to organise support for your business, you can find out more on the CCC website –

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