Art in photography

Words: Dawn Birch-James

A few years ago, I came across perchance a space above what used to be Harriet’s Tea Room, and more recently Carluccio’s in the centre of Peterborough. And thus I opened Harriet’s Art Gallery March 2011. Within a few months I had a good number of artists and makers exhibiting there, so sparce was the exhibiting space for our artists and makers at that time.

One afternoon in April, preoccupied with curatorial duties as was the wont, a gentleman grabbed my attention and asked if he could exhibit his photography. At the time Paul Saunders was very focussed on the restoration of old photographs, but eventually it was the composition and concepts in his abstract, contemporary work which inspired the viewers to purchase for their interiors.

Eight years on, I still exhibit and sell the work of Paul Saunders. He was without doubt one of my most popular artists in the Art in the Heart gallery (2012-2108), selling his photographic prints and cards on a daily basis.

‘I am specifically interested in capturing unusual and unique moments, shots which highlight unexpected phenomena. I increasingly see myself as an artist but my aim in photography has always been to produce an image which creates deep satisifcation in terms of composition and idea and I exhibit pieces which I feel are good enough for the viewers to display in their own spaces. I still enjoy photo restoration and offer that as a service. A percentage of my profits have always gone to charity, which is hugely important to me.’ – Paul Saunders

Paul’s work is displayed in the Cathedral, Museum and various galleries in the area. He participates in Peterborough Open Studios. A wide selction of his incredibly impacting work is currently available on the Art in the Heart online shop

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