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What better stage for Shakespeare’s timeless classic, Romeo and Juliet, than the beautiful Ferry Meadows Park on a summer’s evening?

Romeo & Juliet FlyerRomantic tragedies always play out better in beautiful, natural surroundings, so Peterborough’s
Ferry Meadows Park will provide the perfect stage for one of Shakespeare’s most iconic plays, Romeo and Juliet.

Following the recent success of their one act play festival, Peterborough Mask Theatre is set to take to the stage once again this summer to tackle Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

The company, well-known for its vibrant and innovative productions, will perform the Bard’s famous tale of star-crossed lovers against the beautiful woodland backdrop of Ferry Meadows, the city’s much loved country park.

‘It’s been three years since we performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the grounds of Peterborough Cathedral’ says co-director Phil Lewis. ‘Audiences absolutely loved it, so expectations are high, but we know we can meet them. People have waited a long time to see what we do next.’

The wait is over, and staging one of the world’s best-loved plays is Mask’s new challenge. Romeo and Juliet tells the story of two families, the Capulets and the Montagues – rivals for generations, and regular instigators of gang violence. When the eponymous teens from either side fall head over heels in love, we’re left to wonder if it will ever be enough to overcome their parents’ hate. It’s a fuzzy, and often blurred, line, as this new production will seek to prove.

The cast, drawn from across the city – and even further afield – has already begun rehearsing, and co-director Hannah Drury is keen to keep the actors on their toes.

‘Everyone knows the story, so the challenge is how can we tell it in a new and exciting way? The themes are timeless, and we’ve kept things fresh by bringing the set, costumes, and sound bang up to date. These characters should be recognisable and relatable. You won’t find any doublets or breeches here!’

Romeo and Juliet

will be performed at Ferry Meadows in Nene Park, Peterborough, from July 6 to July 9, nightly at 7.30pm. There will also be a matinee on Saturday, July 9 at 2.30pm. Tickets cost £12 and are available now from

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