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Editor’s Choice at Peterborough Cathedral

Monsters of the sea

This summer, at the Cathedral, it’s obviously all about sea monsters. Sea monsters? Yes. Sea monsters...

We’re gonna be real here – sea monsters is not the first thing you think of when someone mentions Peterborough Cathedral. Or indeed any cathedral. But this is what makes the decision to host this fascinating, enthralling, out-there, strangely beautiful exhibition in one of our most venerable buildings such a stroke of genius.

Already a hit around the world (the exhibition has been touring globally last year and this year), Monsters of the Sea features 16 life-size moving, animatronic sea creatures, spanning from prehistoric eras to modern times and offering visitors an exciting journey through the depths of marine history. The exhibition promises an immersive experience, transporting visitors into the awe-inspiring world of the ocean’s most legendary inhabitants. From the smallest to the largest, each creature has been meticulously crafted – and is startlingly realistic!

In addition, a dynamic schedule of marine-themed events will run alongside the exhibition, offering visitors a wealth of opportunities to delve deeper into the wonders of the sea. From guest lectures to family- friendly workshops, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

“We are thrilled to welcome visitors to Peterborough Cathedral as we unveil our exciting new summer exhibition, ‘Monsters of the Sea,” says Chris Dalliston, Dean of the Cathedral. “This captivating showcase promises to transport audiences through the wonders of marine history, fostering a deeper appreciation for the incredible diversity of ocean life. We invite guests to join us in exploring this extraordinary world and to be inspired by the majesty of creation.’

“Monsters of the Sea” promises to be the highlight of Peterborough Cathedral’s summer calendar, offering a mesmerising mix of entertainment, education, and exploration. Mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a journey through the ages, as Peterborough Cathedral invites you to discover… the captivating world of sea monsters!

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If you can’t get enough prehistoric monster action – and goodness knows, who can? – then keep a look out for Peterborough Museum’s upcoming fossil-hunting Mary Anning exhibition this August. We’ll be featuring it in upcoming issues!

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