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Russell Kane – The Fast and the Curious

Russell Kane is winging his way to Peterborough this October as part of his new stand-up tour ‘The Fast And The Curious’

As a multi-award winning comedian, presenter, actor, social media star, author and scriptwriter, Russell is best known for his hit TV show BBC3’s Stupid Man, Smart Phone, his hugely popular podcasts Evil Genius and Boys Don’t Cry and appearances on BBC2’s Live At The Apollo and BBC1’s Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, but the stage is where he truly excels. Packing more energy than a Duracell factory, Russell’s RS Turbo laugh engine motors through love, family and life – proving that the fast and the curious amongst us see more stuff and get more done.

“I know I can do shows with a clever theme and all that,” he says, “but I just want to do a beltingly funny night in the theatre. So at 10.30, you can’t move for the pain of laughing. That’s my only objective. I called the show ‘The Fast And The Curious’ because that is how I have to live every single day of my life.”

It sounds like a compulsion. “Nothing slows down, I bounce out of bed at a 100 miles an hour, before I even have a coffee.” And that energy is channeled into constant mental activity which you can see work on stage. “I analyse everything – it is exhausting being me some days. And it’s like that onstage – the tiniest crease in the curtain sends me off on some kind of journey.” He’s aware of his own peculiarities enough to be able to joke about them. “It’s the opposite of ADHD,” he laughs, “I’ve got ‘Overly Focused Attention Disorder’.”

Russell Kane – The Fast and the Curious
The Cresset, 29 October, 8pm

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