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Puppetry of the penis

Australia’s greatest theatrical export, Puppetry Of The Penis is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with the hilarious Greatest Bits Tour

This brand new show brings you a collection of all of their “greatest bits” which is sure to “make audiences roll in the aisles in uncontrollable fits of laughter”. Come and see the Eiffel Tower, the Lochness Monster, the Pelican and of course, the iconic Hamburger, alongside a host of new installations. For those of you who wonder how a show featuring naked men manipulating their dangly bits could go on the conquer the world, creator Simon Morley will first be serving up some Cocktale’s in what the Scotsman called “a gobsmackingly good story”.

As you can imagine, Puppetry of the Penis shows are not quite your average gig – but sometimes they can turn out even strenger than the puppeteers themselves anticipated, as Simon explains: ‘One occasion that comes to mind is when we were performing at the John Housman Theatre on 42nd St, NYC in 2002. We arrived at our theatre as normal, but were rather shocked to find the foyer full of men undressing, and stuffing their clothes into plastic bags provided. I quickly retreated to the relative safety of our dressing room, and demanded to see our producer Ross Mollison.

I was then informed that he was not available, and that he had sold the entire house that night, 350 seats, to a gay/naturist/theatre-loving group he was apparently a member of. This group of men I later discovered, love to sit naked and enjoy the variety of theatre that Broadway has to offer. The only difference was, we were also naked. All of our witty banter about us being naked was out the window, and irrelevant… After performing an installation, before we could move on, we would have to explain and help out those who were standing in their seats attempting to construct what we were doing! Not so much a show, more of a workshop!’

● To find out what it’s all about, throw off your inhibitions (but not your clothes) and head to The Cresset! Come celebrate the absurd, and laugh like no one’s watching!

Puppetry of the Penis 5 Oct, 8pm The Cresset

by Simon Morley

1 It’s educational. Normally when someone gets close to a man’s flaccid genitalia, it becomes something very different, very quickly. This is your chance to look at them three stories high and see what men do whilst all alone with their appendage.
2 It’s liberating. To laugh out loud at a man’s penis can be a very dangerous thing. In some countries it can still get you killed, at the very least you will crush his spirit. We encourage you to let it go, laugh out loud, and celebrate what is without a doubt the oddest-looking piece of human anatomy.
3 Frighten your friends. This is your chance to scare the daylights out of your most prudish friends. Wait till they see the hamburger! They scream at the screen, whilst you watch them.
4 Bond with Nana. It might have been a while since your Gran or Nana has seen one of these, so get her out of the house for a night she will never forget.
5 And lastly, this show is for men too. It is commonly thought in the UK that this is a show for women. While it has proven more popular with women this show was born in male sporting change rooms. You will find most Australian cricketers can do a hamburger, and just about all of our Rugby team can do a Pelican. Nothing sexual, just primitive male art…

NB This is a non-sexual show but does contain full frontal male nudity. Over 18s only.

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