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Our White Skoda Octavia | 5th – 6th November: Key Theatre, Peterborough

Eastern Angles is excited to be bringing brand new theatre to Key Theatre audiences in Peterborough, as it tours Our White Skoda Octavia. Written by Shamser Sinha, this moving play shines a light on the struggles of contemporary life as one family juggles bills, dreams and taxi-driving schemes.

In a small town in the East of England, just before the credit crunch of 2007, Amjad decides to take up taxi-driving. His days take on the rhythm of a drum. But when money is tight and Rabia’s stifled ambitions hang heavy in the air, even the songs of John Denver or the scent of a Chitral rose are not enough to mend the cracks.

Speaking about his new play, writer Shamser Sinha said:

“Part of who we are is in other people, and part of us is in them. No more so than with families and the places they live. I guess that was my inspiration.”

Spanning over a decade, Our White Skoda Octavia follows the Afridi family as they try to remain optimistic in the face of relationship troubles, health difficulties and financial worries. An atmospheric tabla drumscape accompanies them through to their story’s bittersweet conclusion.

This new play was inspired by conversations with taxi-drivers and residents of Peterborough and Ipswich held in 2018 as part of an Arts Council funded research project. On the development of the play since then, Creative Producer Karen Goddard said:

“It’s been really fascinating to see how the story has evolved to include so many aspects of family life, it has a real mix of humour and poignancy in it which I hope people will enjoy.”

We are delighted to be working in association with Derby Theatre and Essex Cultural Diversity Project to make this production a reality.

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Our White Skoda Octavia by Shamser Sinha:
Key Theatre, Peterborough 5th – 6th November

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