Time for the ethical choice

Ethics are the moral principles governing how we behave. Making ethical choices means acting for the greater good of individuals, humanity, and the planet, says Kim Coley

Why should we care about ethics?
There is a serious need for a global shift towards ethical living. As a result of our behaviour as a species, the Earth is experiencing deforestation, pollution, desertification, rising sea levels, resource depletion, and mass-extinction. If we want to prevent ecological crisis and the catastrophic collapse of our systems, we need to recognise that everything we do has an impact. Luckily, as consumers, we have enormous potential to make a positive difference with each of our daily choices. By living more ethically we can help to create a fairer society, combatting issues like animal rights, social justice, slavery, and war. Aligning our actions with our morals may also have personal health benefits, such as boosting serotonin levels, easing anxiety, reducing stress, and increasing longevity.

What does ethical living look like?
Ethical living is about making considered choices; thinking through our decisions, working out the right action, and then taking it. In our busy and stressful modern lives, we tend to function on autopilot, guided by our habits and impulses without realising their consequences. We all make unethical choices from time to time, but by striving to become more conscious of our actions and their effects, we can learn from our mistakes, gain wisdom, and make better decisions in the future.

How can I start living more ethically?
● Here are a few ideas to get you started on your ethical journey: ● Take the 30 Day Vegan Challenge ● Try the ZeroWaste Week ● Switch from standard to eco-friendly cleaning products ● Reduce single use plastics ● Carry a reusable bag and travel cup ● Buy local, organic, and fair-trade foods ● Choose cruelty-free and natural beauty products (or get creative and make your own!) ● Ladies can try using a menstrual cup or organic cotton tampons ● Buy FCS certified paper, notepads, toilet rolls ● Join our ‘Pay It Forward’ Tribe and start to give back to causes that really matter Share how you are having a positive impact on the world using the hashtag #ethicalpeterborough (or something similar?)

What are the benefits of Counselling?
The rare experience of exploring your thoughts and feelings with another person who is truly listening can relieve the sense that you are entirely alone with your problems. Counsellors develop a high level of unconditional positive regard and can literally listen to the things that others can’t. Greater self-knowledge and understanding that can come out of counselling can enhance relationships, both within the person and with others. Also improve a sense of a person’s own choices, this can have a positive effect on self-esteem. In the counselling sessions, we give the client space to explore various aspects of their life and feelings; they can talk freely and openly in a way that is rarely possible with most of their friends or family. Feelings that have been bottled up, supressed or buried such as anger, anxiety, grief, shame or embarrassment, can become very intense if left unaddressed. We help the person move from a position of self-doubt or insecurity to one where they feel more in control; to give back choice in their life and hopefully the confidence to use that choice. We believe that we all have the potential to grow and change, already within us. The therapy is Humanistic at its base and holistic believing that our minds, bodies and emotions are connected.

● To book a session with Soul Happy Counsellors, Vikki Harris or Helen Young, please call 07814393099 or email / . ● To contact us, you can email or call/text 07814 393099. Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre, 18 Cowgate (Keebles Alleyway), Peterborough, PE1 1NA  


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