Sustrans and Travelchoice bring Community Mapping to the Ortons

↑ Credit: Chandra Prasad/Sustrans

An innovative new project is set to help Peterborough residents create ‘community maps’.

The community mapping sessions are being held in the Ortons and are a first for Peterborough.

As part of a wider Personalised Travel Planning project currently taking place in the area, Sustrans will help members of the community create their own local map that identifies the best routes for walking and cycling.

Project Manager Eric Schneider explains, “Local people know their area best. We want to harness that knowledge to create a great map that is full of local insight. For example, is there a local name for a path or park that everyone uses but never appears on a map? Which shops and cafes have cycle racks? Is there a junction to watch out for?”

The first community mapping event is taking place at Ormiston Bushfield Academy, Ortongate, on Monday 17th March from 6 – 8pm. There is free bicycle and, car parking available, refreshments will also be provided.

Residents are invited to attend to pass on their knowledge of the local area and help decide which routes and features will be included in the new travel map.

Over the next few months Sustrans is working with Travelchoice (Peterborough City Council), Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT), and others to help people living in the Ortons to think about walking, cycling or using the bus more often.

“Switching some of your journeys from the car to walking or cycling can not only save you money but also help you feel healthier and happier” says Eric. “This project aims to make people aware of their options so they can take advantage of the benefits sustainable travel has to offer.”

The Personalised Travel Planning project is being funded through the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

To find out more about this event or the project please contact Eric on 01733 319 981 or email

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