Pond Rescue Project – fundraising continues

Students at Peterborough’s Nene Park Academy are currently fundraising to help finance the building of a pond, to help protect great crested newts close to their school site.

The group from the academy’s Green Team will work with charity Froglife to create the wetland habitat from scratch for the benefit of the local Orton community.

The team has already been given a grant of £1,000 from Peterborough City Council to help with the project, but estimates a further £1,000 is required in order to complete the project.

A non-uniform day in September and the Nene Park Academy Family Fun Day on 20 July have and will give the fundraising a boost – but more is needed!

The team will be helped by more than 15 employees from Perkins Engines who will be starting the heavy work of digging the site in September.

Did you know?
Great crested newts are Britain’s largest native newt species. They are found through the country but distribution is extremely patchy and they have already disappeared from many European sites.

Green Team Leader Shelby Wines said: “We are keen to work with Froglife to build what we hope will be a thriving environment for the great crested newts. We’re extremely grateful to Perkins for helping us to create the pond and for the grant we have received from the council so far and we are all looking forward to seeing how the newts will take to their new home.”

Anybody wishing to support the pond project should contact Shelby Wines

For further information please contact Caroline Parsons 07891 639333 or 01733 207340.

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