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Block Printing and Kantha Stitching at PARCA’s Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Since late April Metal has been working with PARCA (Peterborough Asylum and Refugee Centre) to run art and textile workshops at their weekly Friday morning Breakfast Club, with Peterborough based artist Madhu Manipatruni.

Madhu is a multidisciplinary artist, her work includes drawing, painting, textiles and digital medium, however she has been exploring the textile traditions based on her roots in India and sharing the techniques with those who join the breakfast club.

Together with Madhu, Breakfast Club goers have started to explore different textile techniques and mark making through traditional Indian block printing and Kantha stitching (a form of traditional embroidery) while working towards making tablecloths and decorations for PARCA’s events and dinners. The workshops are an addition to PARCA’s brilliant Breakfast Club, which runs every Friday morning between 9.30 and 11.30.

The Breakfast Club offers time to relax, chat and connect, as well as being a space to do crafts, or make and mend sessions. They have a range of free activities that people can take part in including yoga, arts and crafts, gardening or textiles.

Just like the Breakfast Club the workshops continue to be a place for conversation, meeting friends and making new connections, whilst being creative and learning new skills.

It’s been such a joy to see people explore and enjoy their own creativity with the beautiful handmade printing blocks that Madhu brought along and are looking forward to sharing what everyone has made this summer!

‘We have individuals who come to our Breakfast Club who have an artistic flair, so the proposed Art Workshop with Metal Peterborough and Artist Madhu got everyone really excited! The feedback we have gotten has been really positive! The best part about the workshop and our Breakfast Club is that it is free and you do not need to register. I look forward to more collaboration with Metal Peterborough! – Narisa Nathu, Operations ARAP Manager/ Media Manager at Parca

PARCA, initially helped those arriving in Peterborough from the African continent, but its reach and support now extends to many different ethnic groups. Now extended to many people in need including Asylum Seeker, Refugees, BAME,European and local resident. From the organisation offering help and guidance on the asylum processes, the charity has grown to offer a huge range of services to help promote social cohesion, integration and relieve isolation and poverty in some of Peterborough’s most deprived areas. Accessing information and advice on a range of vital issues, such as immigration, education, training, employment, and housing/social welfare benefits is also a significant barrier to any newcomer or exiting communities.

Parca welcomes people to join them every Friday morning at their breakfast club. Come along between 9.30-11.30am and help yourself to a free breakfast and drink. Take some time to relax, chat and if you fancy, get involved with some crafts or other activities and games at the centre.

  • Address: Unity Hall, Northfield Rd, Peterborough PE1 3QH
  • For more information about Parca please visit

Block PrintingMadhu is a multidisciplinary artist. Her practice includes drawing, painting, textiles and digital work. She is currently exploring the textile traditions based on her roots in India. In 2021, Madhu was commissioned as one of the artists by the Cultural Steering Group to inform Peterborough Cultural Strategy. For the commission Madhu connected with women of colour living in the city and created a quilt based on the conversations she had with them while sharing her recommendations with the steering group. The quilt has been exhibited in Peterborough Museum and other locations since.

Madhu also completed an Artist in residence with Metal (2021) and Nene Park Trust (2020). She lives in Peterborough with her two children and a cat.

Metal is a Research and Development space for artists working in all disciplines – providing time, space and resources for creatives to explore their practice, take risks and pursue bold ideas through residencies and Labs. We bring these artists and their work into a relationship with the communities in the towns and cities where we work through workshops, discussion, publications, small scale events and large-scale festivals. Metal has three bases in Southend, Liverpool and Peterborough, and is funded as a National Portfolio Organisation by Arts Council England.

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