The Cranial Osteopath makes a move to the Stamford area

The Cranial Osteopath

Ubhi Mistry, otherwise known as The Cranial Osteopath, knew from her very first visit to The Mill Birth and Wellbeing Centre that she’d found the perfect place from which to provide her services.

Previously working from a thriving Whittlesey clinic, alongside her husband (who is also an osteopath), Ubhi could immediately see the benefits of being based at the Wellbeing Centre in Duddington. Following her move to the site, The Cranial Osteopath’s services are now available to residents from Stamford and its surrounding areas, as well as retaining her services a couple of days a week at the original Whittlesey practice.

“I’ve always had the instinct that I wanted to help people in some way, shape or form,” explains Ubhi. “Cranial osteopathy provides me with the tools to be able to read patients’ bodies and diagnose their conditions; to help them on the pathway to improved health and vitality. I’m excited to embed my work within the community and provide a service that will really benefit local residents.”

The Cranial OsteopathShe continues, “I selected the site of my new practice because the calming influence of The Mill – with the river running beside it – felt like a wonderfully restorative space for my patients. Not only that, but being based here offers access to a whole community of wellbeing practitioners to tap into and provide my patients with referral recommendations where needed.”

Having practised osteopathy for more than a decade, Ubhi is qualified to treat patients from two weeks old and beyond. So, what conditions can she care for? Osteopathy is effective at helping a whole range of issues. This might include patients who are suffering with pain in the spine, shoulders, knees, elbows, wrists and hips. Osteopathy can also be effective at helping to prevent migraines and headaches caused by neck tension, or with general aches, muscle spasms, and minor sports injuries.

One of Ubhi’s specialisms is working with babies, children, and pregnant and postpartum mothers too. Cranial osteopathy is helpful for children at all stages of development. Sometimes they come in with reflux, gastrointestinal problems, neck tension or problems with latching for feeds. Ubhi treats the babies in the context of their families, who sometimes mirror their child’s issues, so that everyone receives beneficial treatment.

Ubhi explains: “My practice involves combining medical and holistic approaches to engage with people’s health. I find, soothe, and release strains in the body to help patients rebalance. Ultimately, I aim to inform and empower my patients about what is happening within their own bodies.”

She continues, “I get a real sense of purpose from providing my patients with tailored advice to change some of their health thought processes and patterns for long-term wellbeing. My patients really inspire me and help me to work on myself too. I say to them all the time: ‘I’m learning from you as much as you’re learning from me.’”

The Cranial Osteopath now offers regular sessions at The Mill on Tuesdays from 12.15pm-7pm and Fridays from 10am-1pm.

Alexandra Constant, Founder and Owner of The Mill, says: “I am so delighted to welcome The Cranial Osteopath to our community. She is bringing a vital service to the area, which will benefit local residents hugely. Ubhi has a deep understanding of how to rebalance and educate her patients on how to take control of their own health, both now and for the future too.”

The Mill Birth and Wellbeing Centre (PE9 3QG) is located just off the A47 in the village of Duddington, just 10 minutes from Stamford and 20 minutes from Peterborough. Parking is available on-site.

For more information about The Cranial Osteopath and her services, call 01780 250147 or visit

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