An Olympic Performance

Two employees from Beacon Wealth Management were chosen to perform in the Olympic and Paralympic opening ceremonies

After a gruelling audition process and three months of intense training, Client Account Manager, Amie Brotherton, and Marketing Executive, Katie Kitson, have been left elated by the experience.

Amie, who is a trained dancer and teaches ballet in her spare time, was part of an energetic dance routine in the Olympics opening ceremony (where the boy and girl fall in love). She described the experience as

absolutely amazing and an emotional rollercoaster. It’s nothing you’ll ever repeat and nothing will ever compare

In the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, Katie performed in the empowerment section, which involved protest dancing and carrying red pods. She also mimed the final song I Am What I Am with the whole cast. Katie described the atmosphere as electric and said

I have never experienced anything like this before and if the opportunity ever arises again for something similar I would definitely grab it with both hands

The once in a lifetime experience came about after Amie saw a link to the auditions and figured they had nothing to lose. Both women were delighted to have been selected.

Managing Director, Tony Larkins, was happy to give his employees the time off for all the training and said

It’s an honour for them and good for the company. We’re really pleased for them

To read more about their experiences visit the Beacon Wealth Management blog:

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