PJ Care: Specialists in neurological care

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[prev] …other  neurological specialists to create and continually review personal care programmes based on each resident’s  changing needs. Karen describes how continuing assessment of the methods used to treat patients is key to maintaining the high standards of care  the organisation has become famous for.

‘For me, it’s all about maintaining a  structured day. There are lots of things  happening around activities, but I think  structure is the key. I intend to look at  the functional aspect to the way things  run. I’m going to get our physiotherapists  out of being based in the gym, and  have instead one on each unit – the  only way we can learn or relearn a skill  is by constant repetition, and getting a  structure, a timetable which will vary from unit to unit, is key to that.

Staff are PJ Care's most valuable asset

Staff are PJ Care’s most valuable asset

‘One of the other key things to assess is how we use our rehabilitation unit, Watling. I intend to define a pathway  from our complex care unit to Watling, once residents can transition there.  Likewise, we’re looking at what we can do when someone has built up enough skills to move to the next level of  independence. I intend to review what we can do around our respite bedrooms,  too, with regard to independent living. Currently, things are going really well, and  we are getting a nice, clear pathway for  people to transition through.’

New staff needed! 
The culture of care and of caring for each other extends right through the  organisation, from patients to staff. Every staff member is valued for the immense contribution they bring, for each has the responsibility not only of looking after some of the most vulnerable adults in  society, but in upholding the core values of the company.

‘The staff here are fabulous,’ says Karen, with real feeling. ‘We’re looking  for more healthcare workers and nurses. For me, it’s important that the people  we recruit are kind and compassionate. The healthcare workers don’t necessarily need to have a wonderful portfolio of experience, because we have such  a robust training system. But what we can’t teach is kindness, the capacity to really care for very vulnerable people. I want honest individuals that I know we can trust, as we have residents who, for example, don’t have the capacity to  verbalise their needs and their concerns – so having staff we know we can trust really is key.

‘In return, they will be part of a  work environment that it is really very special, and they will feel valued. Board members often walk round the units and they are happy to stand and chat and  keep up with what is going on. They regularly invite staff to tea, to discuss how they are and what changes they  might like to see made.’

PJ Care is an award-winning family  business dedicated to bringing the best  available care to people with brain-related illnesses or injuries. To find out  more about the services they offer, visit 

PJ Care: Specialists in neurological care 1 2 3

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