New online library service

Local charity Vivacity, who operates library services across Peterborough is pleased to announce the availability of a new at home service for library members.

The team has been working with Ancestry, the UK’s largest family history site, to make their online library edition available to members in their homes.

“The Ancestry site has always been available for our members to access from within the libraries, now that isn’t possible, we thought it would be a really valuable resource for people to enjoy from their homes. We spoke to Ancestry and they have allowed us to make the online portal available for free to our members until the end of May. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring this together and we are delighted that they have been able to do it.

Whilst many people are staying at home, we hope this will be a popular activity to do, great for all generations to explore and find out a little bit more about their history”.

If you aren’t a member of the library, don’t worry, you can join up for free online by visiting

Becoming a library member doesn’t just give you access to Ancestry, there are other excellent resources to discover online, you can browse thousands of e-books, audio books as well as many of the latest digital copies of popular magazines and journals.

The inclusions of the Ancestry portal is another great idea of things to do at home provided by Vivacity. Visit their dedicated webpage for exercise videos for all levels of fitness, craft ideas, home-schooling projects and other resources.

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