The best present of all…

The best present of all… 1 2 3

…caring for their third baby. ‘He was from a very troubled home,’ says Yvonne. ‘And he’s thriving. The love that they’re pouring into that little boy is amazing.’ Cheryl is in no doubt about the rewards. ‘It’s just watching them develop and grow and learn, and knowing you’ve played a strong part in their life. We’ve been that stepping stone, that support they’ve needed – what they haven’t been able to get from their own home.’

What better gift could there be than that?

Do you have a spare bedroom and a genuine interest in supporting children and young people? To find out more about becoming a foster carer, call the council’s fostering duty line on 01733 317427, email or visit

The fostering service also holds regular events for potential carers where you can find out more information and talk to the team members. Please check the website for details of the latest events.

The best present of all… 1 2 3

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