BBC Housing Enforcers team head to Peterborough

BBC One viewers will be able to get a unique perspective of the issues facing housing enforcement officers in Peterborough next week.

The new series of the daytime show, The Housing Enforcers will be on air from Monday 13 November at 9.15am featuring a series of programmes filmed in the city throughout the week.

The producers, Twofour, worked with Peterborough City Council to secure access to housing officers working in areas of the city.

From life-endangering fire traps to health hazards and accidents waiting to happen, presenter Matt Allwright is on the front line with Peterborough’s housing enforcement team to investigate what can happen when landlords and tenants fail to take safety seriously.

Housing enforcement officers are shown speaking to tenants about potential safety issues in their homes. The officers then take the issues up with landlords who have a duty to attend to the disrepair and safety issues that are reported to them to prevent injury to the health and well-being of the occupants.

David Marshall, housing enforcement officer at Peterborough City Council said: “We have a duty to make sure that privately rented homes in Peterborough are up to safety standards and where they fall short to work with landlords to ensure these are put right.

“This includes ensuring landlords are signed up for selective licensing in designated areas to reduce overcrowding and tackle poor and dangerous conditions. We were pleased to work with the Housing Enforcers to highlight cases of unhealthy and hazardous living conditions and what the council is doing to address this.”

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