NOT working 9 to 5!

The standard nine-to-five day is a thing of the past. Flexible working is transforming the way we organise our week while contributing to that all-important work-life balance, as Gemma Rogers, Audit Senior at Moore Stephens accountants explains

It’s a myth that only parents and carers can request flexible working. In fact, anyone who’s worked for a company for more than 26 weeks must have their request reasonably considered. There are significant benefits to flexible working for both the business and the employee. For the company it can mean happier workers and reduced staff turnover. For the employee it means a better work-life balance and there may also be financial benefits such as childcare savings or reduced travel costs.

Flexible working does not simply cover fewer or variable working hours; there are options to suit individual circumstances.
● Part time hours: The number of working hours is reduced; either working fewer days or fewer hours per day (e.g. to fit in with school hours or term times).
● Flexitime: Subject to certain core hours that must be worked, the employee can determine their starting and finishing hours to fit with other commitments.
● Modified working hours: Full time hours can be modified to fit into fewer days in a week; an employee can be required to work a certain number of hours in the month/year but has flexibility over how to do so.
● Working from home: Home working is becoming more commonplace with employees logging on from the comfort of their home office.
● Job sharing: Working hours for a particular role are split between multiple employees.
● Phased retirement: By cutting down the hours worked up to retirement the employee benefits from a steady transition whilst passing on their knowledge and expertise to their successors.

At Moore Stephens, we offer a multitude of flexible working arrangements to suit everyone. Our office hours are flexible so the early bird can be at work by 7am and miss the evening rush hour whilst those of us who are less spritely of a morning can arrive at 9.30am with our black coffee and breakfast on the go!

Many staff with children work part time or enjoy compressed hours to enable them to enjoy family time and save on childcare costs in the week. Laptops and remote access mean we can log in from home either on a regular, contracted basis or when we need to be at home to look after a sick child or accept delivery of a fridge! Some of our older staff members are enjoying phased retirement, cutting down on weekly hours to ease them into the good life before they retire completely and go “SKIing” (Spending the Kids’ Inheritance!).

For me, returning to work after maternity leave was an easier transition with part-time hours. I thrive by being able to spend time with my family and be successful in my career. It is a difficult balancing act to juggle both spreadsheets and nappies but flexible working has given me access to the most precious of all resources: time!

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