Knight ‘n’ shining Aga!

George Forbes has become something of a hit with the locals since he launched his new business Ovenclean – a service that restores even the dirtiest ovens to pristine condition within only a few hours

‘My customers say I’m a Godsend!’ he smiles. ‘I don’t know about that, but I know cleaning the oven is a chore most people hate; they have busy lives and enough to think about without worrying about the state of their oven.’ George travels to customers’ homes in his fully equipped Ovenclean van.

Using a powerful, yet eco-friendly system, he provides whatever cleaning services are required – from regular visits to keep the oven up to scratch to thorough cleans for ovens encrusted with grease and cooked on food deposits. ‘There’s no typical customer,’ he reflects. ‘Some are very house proud and want to keep their oven immaculate, others are simply too busy to fit in cleaning the oven until it gets to a point where they can’t put up with it any longer. No matter how dirty, I’m able to transform their oven so that it’s virtually as good as new. In fact, people are so impressed with the results that even those who have never had their ovens professionally cleaned before usually become regular customers. ‘It’s a wonderful business when customers can’t thank you enough – quite honestly, I’ve never been so popular!’

For your FREE quote with no obligation, please contact George on 0800 8407127 or visit

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