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The future may be uncertain, but we can help guide your way through this period by giving you all the right tools and help for your business.

In the current financial climate, we’re all having to think more about our pennies, whether that’s due to increased energy prices or the increase in the Bank of England base rate. But there are a number of ways in which TC Bulley Davey can help you and your business plan for the next twelve months and beyond.

Without any cash in your business, you will struggle to pay staff, suppliers, and HMRC, which can cause your workforce to leave and cause a negative impact on your credit score. Forecasting your cash flow can help remove the uncertainty of which payments are due and when, as well as forecasting your cash position to determine if you could have a deficit before it actually arises. This ensures you have the tools in place to give your business the best chance of success to get through that period.

Looking back at the previous twelve months of spending trends, we can determine your likely expenditure for the year ahead. Drilling down into these costs, we can investigate if anything you paid for last year did not help generate sales, or help with the upkeep of your business. Going forward, these things clearly don’t need to be purchased and do not need to be included within this year’s budgets, ultimately saving you cash.

Regularly reviewing these budgets against actual figures can help ensure you are on track with your expectations, and if there are any large fluctuations these can be investigated now rather than looking back over the year and making unnecessary payments.

In order to look into budgets and forecasts, records need to be kept up to date, and also updated frequently, to have the correct information to hand to determine an accurate forecasted cash position and budget. Without this information, the wrong assumptions can be made about your business. At TC Bulley Davey, our go-to accounts software to keep records up to date is Xero – this is a cloud-based accountancy software which automatically connects to your bank account to bring in live data which can be reconciled daily. Providing this is kept up to date, we can get an insight into how your business is looking at this very point in time, and can determine the best course of action for your business in order to succeed.

At TC Bulley Davey, we deal closely with third party finance lenders to help your business, whether this is to help with the day-to-day management, or to help grow your business. We can investigate different loans available to you and, depending on your business, these can be with or without personal guarantees. We can also help with asset finance if you need a new asset within your business to help with the growth or upkeep of your company.

We have helped clients choose between buying a car through the business in cash, leasing a car, or securing one on a hire purchase deal through the business. From this, we can show the physical cash amount this will cost your business, after deducting the relevant tax savings over the next few years, as well as being able to show the impact this will have to your profit for the next few years. This can help give you a real understanding to help ease your cash flow position and determine how the business will be affected.

The future may be uncertain, but we can help guide your way through this period by giving you all the right tools and help for your business. Please speak to a member of our staff today.

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