Customer Service Forum To Be Held At Peterborough Arena

Businesses in Peterborough are being invited to attend a free customer service forum on 15 November at Peterborough Arena

The aim is to create an environment where businesses can discuss the challenges they face, share their ideas, and receive some expert advice on customer service from special guest speaker Derek Williams, an internationally renowned figure who founded The WOW awards (the world’s only customer-nominated employee recognition program).

Organiser Graham Frost, a customer service consultant, explained this is an area that is often neglected

Businesses tend to do a lot of marketing to get customers into their stores or restaurants, but when they actually get there what kind of experience do they have that’s going to encourage them to come back? Globally there’s something like 295 billion pounds a year spent on marketing and only about 9 billion a year spent on improving customer service. We’ve got a new Primark opening next month, which is going to affect other businesses in the Queensgate centre. They probably won’t be able to compete with Primark on price, but they might be looking at competing with them on service

This is the first event of its kind, which Graham hopes to turn into a regular quarterly event.

The forum will be held at the
Huntingdon Suite
Peterborough Arena
East of England Showground

on Thursday 15 November from 08.30-10.30am.

To book a place contact Graham

on or call 07766 916317.

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