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Sleeping Beauty

Tue 1st January 2019 12:00 am

Showtimes vary; please contact the venue for details

When a new Princess is born to King Septimus and Queen Sybil the entire kingdom rejoices and celebrates with christening the child Aurora. The fairy queen along with her 3 fairy sisters, Moonbeam, Sunlight and Stardust, bestow on her, happiness, love and beauty. But just before the Fairy Queen could grant her gift, the evil Carabosse shows up and is very angry for not getting an invite to the celebrations, she cast’s an evil curse, that before the sun sets on her eighteenth birthday Aurora shall prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. The Fairy Queen then puts the whole kingdom to sleep for 100 years, except Prince Michael who she takes to her fairy kingdom where time stands still so he can return and wake his true love Aurora and marry her as intended. Will Prince Michael break through the forest around the castle? and if he does will they finally be re-united? or in a twist of fate does something else happen to poor princess Aurora…..

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